Hey I'm Nick! I like chemistry, mathematics, skiing, skateboarding, hardcore punk and emo. Majoring in Biochemical Engineering, minoring in Applied Mathematics. Straight edge since 2007. I play in a hardcore band called Marathon.

Selfies and my music are under the "MYSELF" link below.

My band's information is under the "MARATHON" link below.


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The Fine Art Of Bullshit - Weekend Nachos

The only things I ever learned in four fucking years
Is that none of you ever knew a goddamned thing

I can’t wait to hear the rest of Vile Art by Ritual Mess. The two songs they’ve posted so far are so cool.

Members of Orchid form Ritual Mess, Stream New Songs


Jayson Green, Will Killingsworth, and Geoff Garlock of Orchid have formed a new band with James Clarke and Andy Skelly called Ritual Mess. Listen to two songs off of their upcoming LP Vile Art here!


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The Dillinger Escape Plan - Milk Lizard

Well you thought you’d tear my skin from bone
Just cause it was cold and you needed a coat

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I was counting,
the good things about this city.
The only good thing is you are not here

AM/PM by American Nightmare.

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This is the last chance you got!
Open wide! 

We both know we’re both gonna die!
But there’s a difference with you and I. 

You want peace but refuse the fight. 

Back to Back by The Chariot.